Mojo Monday: Mary Oliver Reads “Tom Dancer’s Gift of a Whitebark Pine Cone”

It’s Mojo Monday, and as always, I’ve got a little something-something to lift your creative spirits, buoy you up, help you get your mojo on, and nudge you into writerhead.

Today ( Sunday, May 8 ) I did something I haven’t done is sooooooooooo long. I walked in the woods. I sat on boulders, climbed over logs, ogled ferns and a beaver’s den, smelled the sweet breath of new growth on the forest floor, looked for bears (even though I know there aren’t any bears around here), studied the scat of a fox or a gopher or something other small mammal, and remembered how much I love being out in the woods.

Geesh-oh-pete, I love being out in the woods. And good-golly-miss-molly does it get me into writerhead.

Now, while I do the necessary tick check and get a few words down on paper, you watch the marvelous poet Mary Oliver read one of my favorite in-the-woods poems: “Tom Dancer’s Gift of a Whitebark Pine Cone.”

And when she gets to the line “that rough and holy body,” look up and give thanks that bears grace this earth.

Then get thee to thy passion.