On Process: Writing & Faith in the Invisible

I’ve got one novel published & out in the world (Thirsty, Swallow Press, 2009); I’ve got one novel in the publishing pipeline (The Art of Floating, Berkley Books/Penguin, 2014); I’m now writing the third. Here’s what’s happening in my writerhead world.

I don’t understand very much at all about the novel I’m writing. I’m just putting my head down, telling the stories that come to me, and trusting that some day on some page in some draft down the road, the women—who all go to Shanghai for one reason or another—will feel so familiar to me that I will believe we had coffee at Starbucks earlier in the week or that I remember meeting each one at Jamaica Blue on Wulumuqi Road in 2010. Or maybe it was 2009. It’s a funny thing to trust in the invisible, to have such faith in the imagined, to believe that this is creativity, not pure insanity.

Big, happy news! My next novel will be published by Penguin’s Berkley Books!

Oh, so happy to share this good news!

My next novel will be published in early 2014 by Penguin’s Berkley Books!

And the title is:

(drum roll…)



Huge thanks to my kick-arse agent Barbara Poelle! And a big SMOOCH to all the friends, family, and writers around the world who support me in this writing life. Y’all rock!

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