Writerhead Wednesday: NaNoWriMo Writers Tell All

Welcome to Writerhead Wednesday, a weekly feature in which a brilliant, charming, remarkable author answers three questions about her/his writerhead…a precious opportunity for looky-loos around the world to sneak into the creative noggins of talented writers and (ever so gently) muck about.

Hey, beautiful NaNoWriMo writers, I’m wildly, insanely curious about how writing 50,000 words in 30 days is affecting your writerhead!

[Need a quick definition of writerhead? Writerhead = the purest moments of creation. Those beautiful (sometimes excruciating) “Sh, sh, sh, ssssssshhhhhh, I’ve got to get this down” moments when words are bubbling, popping, zinging, and swinging. The ones when the “real” world disappears behind a gauzy cloud (insert sucking sound here…) and the imaginative world takes on firmer lines and brighter hues. A.k.a. “the flow” or “the zone.”]


Is your writerhead the same as it is during “regular, ole, non-NaNoWriMo writing stints”?

How is it different?

What does it feel like? Smell like? Sound like? Rev like?

To what can you compare your writerhead right now…today…23 days into your adventure?

What do you say to your writerhead to get her moving in the morning?

How do you shut down your writerhead for a little R&R?

What do you know about your writerhead that you didn’t know before?

At this point, does your writerhead look more like this:

or this…

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Image: think4photop / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image: Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net