2013: From Gaaaaaahhhh! to Gaga

Welby ? India ? Tin Treasures ? Friction Bump n Go ? Spaceship ? Commander Ship ? BowWelcome to 2013, writers, creators, storytellers, artists, and visionaries around the world!

We’re about 10 12 hours into the New Year. I woke not having a clue if I would blog this morning. Sure, in the past, I’ve always had something astoundingly brilliant and profound to share with you at the new year. Like in 2011, I shared my three non-resolutionary words. And in 2010, I visited and wrote about the Longhua Temple in Shanghai.

But this morning, feeling uninspired, I poked around the Internet for inspiration.

Maybe I’ll make a list of things I learned in 2012, like the Communicatrix, I thought. She’s cool. Always cool. Hip. Always hip. Bald. Not always bald, but bald by choice in 2012.

Or…maybe I’ll create a kickass Pinterest page for my vision for 2013 like my brilliant friend, colleague, and sister global-nicher Tara Agacayak, I thought.

Or…maybe I’ll create a gorgeous, expressive image that represents all I do and believe in like the oh-so-talented Catherine Bayar in Turkey (check this out).

Or maybe…

Or maybe…

Rackham_fairy_ring_WikimediaThen I popped over to Now Write! where I read Dinty Moore’s post called “Writing and Creativity as a Peculiar Crossroads” (read it here). It’s lovely and it sang to me. This idea of the “smidgen of enlightenment” and the ongoing search for it…in writing and life.

It sang to me because for months—for all of 2012, really—I knew I was at a major crossroads—though often I’ve felt this crossroads is more like a fairy ring in Ireland which is lovely & magical, but from which there is no exit…see photo to right. (You can hear Christy Moore sing about a fairy ring here.)

It’s not any kind of unusual crossroads. Millions and trillions and gazillions of you are probably right there with me, trying like hell to solve the mystery of how to be a mom, writer, cultural spelunker, world citizen, and teacher at the same friggin’ time.

Sometimes I find that smidgen of enlightenment, and other times, I just want to yell,


Suggestions for the title are received with thanks

So I’m officially dubbing 2013 as my year to do less “Gaaaaaahhhhhhhhh”ing and to better synthesize all that I love, believe in, and am passionate about—as a writer, a mumma, a cultural spelunker, a global-nicher, a teacher, and a human. Like Lady Gaga. Because no matter how you feel about her less-than-usual appearance and approach to things, she’s pretty damn good at synthesis.


Cheers, my friends! Here’s to a creative, synthesized 2013! See you here at Writerhead and #38Write!

Mojo Monday: Lady Gaga Prefers to Remember in an Artistic Way

It’s Mojo Monday, and as always, I’ve got a little something-something to lift your creative spirits, buoy you up, help you get your mojo on, and nudge (or better yet, catapult) you into writerhead.

I think a lot about how writers’ heads work (duh…writerhead) so it was impossible for me not to steal this video from the blog at Brevity magazine. It’s just too “writerheadish” not to feature here. So thanks, Dinty Moore, for bringing it to my attention! And thanks, Lady Gaga!

Writers, how do you remember?