38Write: 5 Reasons to Sign Up for September’s #38Write

#38Write—my global writing initiative—is a monthly series of online writing adventure workshops for place-passionate, culturally curious writers around the world. Each writing adventure focuses on one particular aspect of craft or the writing life (for example, writing kick-butt descriptions), and during each 38-hour adventure, writers connect with me and #38Write writers around the world via a Twitter hashtag and a group Pinterest board. In the August workshop, we had 16 writers in 8 countries!

September’s #38Write writing workshop (Square Peg, Round Hole) will take place on September 29–30. (For a thorough explanation of Square Peg, Round Hole, click here.)

If you haven’t signed up yet, here are five six compelling reasons you absolutely should:

  • You sometimes feel like a square peg in a round hole.
  • You have NEVER, EVER in your entire life felt like a square peg in a round hole and you’ve been looking for the perfect opportunity to tell why/how you achieved such a spectacular feat.
  • You’re a writer who loves Pinterest and you’re aching to combine your passions. (See Square Peg, Round Hole Pinterest to-be-group board here. Check out how I use Pinterest in #38Write here.)
  • You’re curious about how a 38-hour writing workshop actually works. (Yep, just 38 hours. Check out some of the kick-ass writing that erupts from a 38-hour workshop here.)
  • #38Write is affordable (just $38 U.S.) and manageable (time-wise).
  • You’re a place-passionate, culture junkie who has stories to tell. (Well, come on then…click on over to the “Classes” page and register.)