#38Write: Register Now For December’s “At the Party” Workshop

#38Write—my global writing initiative—is a monthly series of online writing adventure workshops for place-passionate, culturally curious writers around the world. Each writing adventure focuses on one particular aspect of culture, craft, or the writing life, and during each 38-hour adventure, writers connect with me and #38Write writers around the world via a Twitter hashtag (#38Write) and a group Pinterest board. Lots and lots of good work getting done.

Looking to add a little writing cha-cha-cha to your holiday season? The December #38Write workshop is the perfect spot to do so. Here’s how it will work:

  1. Register for #38Write.
  2. Let Kristin know when your party is taking place.
  3. Receive a suggested reading list and your #38Write | At the Party! writing adventure guide from Kristin.
  4. Go to your party!
  5. Sip a little wine. Find out it’s cheap. Make a face. Trade it in for a whiskey sour.
  6. Sneak into the john & write about the cheap wine.
  7. Check out the shoes of all the women at the party.
  8. Send yourself an email from your phone about the silvery pumps with the red-hot bows (snap a picture, too, and add it to the #38Write | At the Party! Pinterest page).
  9. Listen to conversations buzzing around you. Take notes on your palm documenting the fight the super-tall couple is having about whether or not the gift they brought was culturally appropriate.
  10. Eat a few appetizers.
  11. Tweet a picture of your favorite! (using the #38Write hashtag)
  12. Eat a few more appetizers.
  13. Excuse yourself to the bathroom. Once safely locked in, jot a few notes about the party decor. Compare and contrast it to that of parties you went to in Budapest, Barcelona, and Boston.
  14. Dance. (No, no, no, not in the bathroom, silly! You can come out once you finish the notes about decor.)
  15. Snap a few more party pics. Pin them here!
  16. Talk to guests about their cultural expectations of the party. Tweet about how theirs compare to yours. (again, hashtag #38Write)
  17. Head home when exhaustion sets in or the host kicks you out (whichever comes first).
  18. Get a few hours of sleep (or not!).
  19. Write.

Ready to register? Grab your party shoes & click here!