Mission Inspiration: Get Wowed: #1

When life gets crazy, inspiration shoots out the window. You look around, think, “man, oh, man…I’m pretty sure there was a little inspiration here yesterday.” But no, you’re running, and inspiration is nowhere to be found.

I’ve been racing around a lot lately—in my head, life, process, work, family, etc.—and as I hunker down into “maker mode” (remember?), I’m inviting inspiration back into my world. In any way it would like to arrive.

So I think I’ll share some of inspiration with you, hoping it might make a difference in your day, too.

The first boost of “wow”?

This dream:

The other night I dreamed that both Anais Nin and Virginia Woolf had a writing ritual called “The Sixth Activity.” They each obsessively wrote about any sixth thing they did, said, or discovered. In one dream scene, Nin was writing about the sixth step in a long staircase. And in another, Woolf was writing about the sixth stone she found on a beach. Woolf also listened for the sixth word in all spoken sentences.

I woke inspired. How could I not?