Expat Sat: 3 Writing Contests for Expat Writers

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Wow…after 10 weeks of writing prompts, it feels a little strange to be posting something else. If you’ve been writing from the prompts, awesome! (If not, what are you waiting for? Get busy! Here’s the link.)

Anyway, here are three good contests for you to enter:

The Zócalo Public Square Poetry Prize

(Note: All information has been taken from the Zócalo Public Square web site.)

Description: The Zócalo Public Square Poetry Prize is awarded annually to the U.S. poet whose poem best evokes a connection to place. “Place” may be interpreted by the poet as a place of historical, cultural, political or personal importance; it may be a literal, imaginary or metaphorical landscape. We are looking for one poem that offers our readers a fresh, original and meaningful take on the topic.

How to Enter: For consideration, please enter up to three poems to poetry@zocalopublicsquare.org. Include your name, address, phone and email address on each poem. Personal identification will be removed prior to judge’s review. We will accept online submissions only.

Prize: The winning poet will receive $1,000.

Deadline: Entries will be accepted between September 5, 2011 and November 5, 2011.

Judging: Zócalo Poetry Editor Stephanie Brown will be the judge. Entries will be judged based on originality of ideas, how well the poem fits the theme, and style. Judging is at the sole discretion of Zócalo Public Square. The winner will be announced in March 2012, and the winning poet will receive $1,000. The winning poem will be published on zocalopublicsquare.org.

The Kicker: This contest is only open to U.S. poets. (I assume that means U.S. poets living any where in the world so all you U.S. expats, get a move on!)

The Upside: No reading fee.

Advice: This contest is all about place. P-L-A-C-E. The very thing we expats/repats/global nomads spend so much time thinking about, talking about over glasses of wine and cups of coffee, dreaming about, obsessing about as we traverse the world, and yes, yes, yes, writing about! So get your butts in gear! Submit.

For full terms and conditions, click here.

Active Travel Asia’s 2011 Writing Competition

(Note: All information has been taken from the ATA‘s web site.)

Description: You love traveling and at least had travelled to Indochina (Vietnam – Laos – Cambodia) once in a lifetime? It must have been an interesting exploration and a sense of Indochina’s beautiful nature? So why don’t you participate in our competition “Indochina in your eyes” and get the chance to come back Indochina once again and explore the grandeur of the nature? Please feel free write about your adventures and share with us!

How to Enter: Simply email your entry of no more than 1000 words (no attachments) to event@activetravel.asia. The entries after being sent to our mail address will be reviewed to guarantee the content of entries comply with the terms and conditions of this competition.

Prize: With the highest prize: The winner can choose one of our tours for 2 persons as below:

  • Kayaking Halong Bay
  • Trekking Sapa and homestay
  • Mai Chau Trekking
  • Motorcyling the Ho Chi Minh Trail
  • Biking Angkor Wat

Incentive prize: To encourage the writer we will award 3 incentive prizes for those who have the amount of like ranked highest. The prize is Hanoi City Tour with the private tour guide for 2 people plus some valuable extra.

Deadline: November 20, 2011 / The competition will start from 01/09/2011 to 20/11/2011 through our networks:

  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/Active.
  • Travel Travel news: www.activetravelmagazines.com & news.activetravelvietnam.com

The winner will be the person who has the amount of LIKE ranked highest on our facebook page plus 2 travel news sites: The prize will be announced on 30/11/2011.

Judging: ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA is responsible for the publication and the adjudication of this competition.

The Kicker: Honestly, I’m not quite sure how this competition is being judged, but still seems legit.

The Upside: Great prizes and a great opportunity to write about Indochina.

Advice: Give it a shot.

For full terms and conditions, click here.

10th Annual FundsforWriters Essay Contest / Theme = “Diligence”

(Note: All information has been taken from the FundsforWriters web site.)

Description: Your definition of diligence, however, might involve a personal relationship, a child, a career, a manuscript. Maybe you weathered a difficult phase in your life, and now that you’ve come out on the other side relieved yet wiser, stronger and empowered.

In this day of instant publishing versus traditional, of impatient waits for answers to query letters, the theme of Diligence seemed most appropriate. No, you don’t have to write about self-publishing versus traditional. Just make Diligence the clear, ultimate, and striking point of your nonfiction essay. (Not to exceed 750 words.)

How to Enter: Email entry to hope@fundsforwriters.com. (No fax or hard copy submissions.)

  • No attachments to emails. Embed in the email itself. (Viruses are nasty creatures.)
  • Note ENTRY FEE or NO ENTRY FEE on your submission.

Prize: A major different between FundsforWriters’ contest and other writing contests is the option of paying an entry fee. Some writers don’t believe in fees and other can’t afford them. So we offer a no entry fee category. Others, however, are willing to submit the $5 entry fee in order to vie for the higher prize purse. Take your pick.

  • ENTRY FEE CATEGORY – First place – $400. Second place – $100. Third place – $50.
  • NO ENTRY FEE CATEGORY – First place – $50. Second place – $25. Third place – $15.

Deadline: Receipt deadline Midnight (Eastern Time), October 31, 2011.

Judging: Judges are selected from Hope’s peer group of writers, authors and journalists, still pending, but the finalists are chosen by C. Hope Clark.

The Kicker: Zilch.

The Upside: Must be in English but entries accepted internationally. (Entry fees must be in US dollars.)

Advice: Write! Write! Submit! (Come on, expats, we’re some of the most diligent people out there.)

For full terms and conditions, click here.


Image: jscreationzs / FreeDigitalPhotos.net