THE ART OF FLOATING Makes the Front Page of the Andover Townsman Newspaper

Huzzah! This in yesterday. That’s me…upper left-hand corner of the paper!

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Reading at New England Mobile Book Fair

Terrific reading on April 9 at New England Mobile Book Fair in Newton, Massachusetts! Awesome audience (including the fantabulous Hank Phillippi Ryan)…

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with Dave Ambler, the events coordinator at New England Mobile Book Fair

with Dave Ambler, the events coordinator at New England Mobile Book Fair

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with Hank Phillippi Ryan, author of The Other Woman and The Wrong Girl

THE ART OF FLOATING in the Boston Public Library

Love libraries! Love Boston! Love seeing THE ART OF FLOATING on display in the Boston Public Library!

THE ART OF FLOATING_Boston Public Library_Rachel K




Love seeing THE ART OF FLOATING on the shelf in Barnes & Noble in North Carolina! (If you spot it in a bookstore near you, please send a photo to kristin[@]kristinbairokeeffe[dot]com. I’ll post it here!)


TAOF_B&N_Apex NC_#3


Guest Post in “Shelf Pleasure” | The Story Behind THE ART OF FLOATING

What prompted me to write THE ART OF FLOATING? Believe it or not, a turkey sandwich and the New York Times play significant roles. Uncover the whole story in my April 3 guest post at Shelf Pleasure.

My 1st HuffPo Books Blog Post: “9 Signs You’re An MFA Grad”

Huzzah! My first Huffington Post Books blog post has been published!

Visit: “9 Signs You’re an MFA Grad”!

(As an MFA grad, I had a heck of a lot of fun writing—and gathering gifs—for this piece!)

Check it out!




Friday Night Launch Party at Jabberwocky Bookshop Newburyport, MA!

This is it, folks! The big launch party for THE ART OF FLOATING. Tonight. Friday, March 28, at 7pm. At Jabberwocky Bookshop in Newburyport, MA. Right in the town where the novel takes place.

Yep, I know that the book doesn’t officially release until April 1, but Penguin/Berkley has graciously given permission for Jabberwocky to sell copies at the event. Huzzah!

I hope to see all of you there! Yes, all of you!

And if you are inclined to buy a copy of THE ART OF FLOATING and read it, I’ll be eternally grateful. This is what it’s about really…when the story I imagined and saw in my head and spent years putting on the page reaches readers. Reaches you.





Today, Sunday, March 23, THE ART OF FLOATING and I headlined the “People & Places” section of the BOSTON GLOBE NORTH!

Happy, happy!

(& guess what? There’s still time to pre-order before THE ART OF FLOATING launches on April 1! Easy peasy…links to the right.)

THE ART OF FLOATING_Boston Globe North_March 23 2014

THE ART OF FLOATING_Boston Globe North_March 23 2014_2


Hippos & the Fine Art of Book Publicity

When you’ve got a book coming out (like my new novel THE ART OF FLOATING), you need to, want to, have to share a lot all the time. In essence, you  wear a bell around your neck, ringing almost constantly so that people—hopefully ALL PEOPLE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD AND THE WORLDS ON OTHER PLANETS THAT WE HAVE NOT DISCOVERED YET—ask, “What’s with the bell?” so that you can answer, “Oh, that ole thing. That’s a just a reminder that YOU SHOULD BUY MY BOOK!

Obviously I’m there. Wandering around with a giant bell on my neck. Clang, clang, clang.

But today, a break. Instead, a funny story about my daughter and writing…

A few days ago, my six-year-old daughter was so mad-mad-mad that I made her get out of bed for school that she said to me, “I’m going to take you to Africa and leave you with a herd of hippos! They’ll nudge you and bump you and push you around.” (gotta love the threats of a writer’s kid…)

Later that night while sleeping (during the few hours of each day that I get to remove the bell and stop yelling YOU SHOULD BUY MY BOOK!) I dreamed that I was driving inside my office at my day job in an “inside car” & what do I meet in the hallway? A red-and-black spotted HIPPO. The windows are down in my “inside car,” and every time I reach for the button to put them up to protect myself from the crazy hippo, it sticks its head into the car and bites my hand. (gotta love a writer’s dreams instigated by a writer’s kid…)

Tomorrow? Back to our regularly scheduled programming (aka YOU SHOULD BUY MY BOOK)!




Goodreads Giveaway for THE ART OF FLOATING (March 10-17)!

9780425271483_large_The Art of Floating_HIGH RESReaders! Penguin/Berkley and I are giving away 10 copies of THE ART OF FLOATING on Goodreads this week!

10! 10! 10!

It’s true! Between March 10 (today!) and March 17, you can enter the giveaway by clicking HERE!

Hop on over! Add THE ART OF FLOATING to your “Want to Read” shelf! Enter the giveaway!