Hippos & the Fine Art of Book Publicity

When you’ve got a book coming out (like my new novel THE ART OF FLOATING), you need to, want to, have to share a lot all the time. In essence, you  wear a bell around your neck, ringing almost constantly so that people—hopefully ALL PEOPLE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD AND THE WORLDS ON OTHER PLANETS THAT WE HAVE NOT DISCOVERED YET—ask, “What’s with the bell?” so that you can answer, “Oh, that ole thing. That’s a just a reminder that YOU SHOULD BUY MY BOOK!

Obviously I’m there. Wandering around with a giant bell on my neck. Clang, clang, clang.

But today, a break. Instead, a funny story about my daughter and writing…

A few days ago, my six-year-old daughter was so mad-mad-mad that I made her get out of bed for school that she said to me, “I’m going to take you to Africa and leave you with a herd of hippos! They’ll nudge you and bump you and push you around.” (gotta love the threats of a writer’s kid…)

Later that night while sleeping (during the few hours of each day that I get to remove the bell and stop yelling YOU SHOULD BUY MY BOOK!) I dreamed that I was driving inside my office at my day job in an “inside car” & what do I meet in the hallway? A red-and-black spotted HIPPO. The windows are down in my “inside car,” and every time I reach for the button to put them up to protect myself from the crazy hippo, it sticks its head into the car and bites my hand. (gotta love a writer’s dreams instigated by a writer’s kid…)

Tomorrow? Back to our regularly scheduled programming (aka YOU SHOULD BUY MY BOOK)!




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