#38Write: February 2013′s Writing Workshop Is Open for Registration

#38Write—my global writing initiative—is a monthly series of online writing adventure workshops for place-passionate, culturally curious writers around the world. Each writing adventure focuses on one particular aspect of craft, culture, or the writing life, and during each 38-hour adventure, writers connect with me and #38Write writers around the world via a Twitter hashtag and a group Pinterest board.

Crush Points_Wikimedia CommonsWhoop! Whoop! February’s #38Write writing workshop is open for registration!




Well…when I first started to plan out this workshop, I was thinking about Valentine’s Day in the U.S. (which falls on Feb. 14) and my very first “culture crush.” The buzz and hum I felt in my head and heart when, in second grade, my teacher Mrs. Mangus introduced our class to the indigenous Aboriginal people of Australia. I was hooked, as hooked as a seven-year-old with a slim social studies book, a World Book Encyclopedia, a few worn issues of National Geographic, and a map can be—by the people, the place, the faraway-ness of it all, the distinct differences between my boring old life and their exciting one, as well as the hint/promise of similarities. At night, for months after Mrs. Mangus moved us on to other, less scintillating social studies topics, I’d lie in bed wondering how to buy a plane ticket to Australia, what it would feel like to be a seven-year-old Aboriginal kid, if the Aboriginal kids were reading about and longing to visit kids in U.S. steel communities, how I could convince my mom to let me pierce my nose, and so much more…. (finish reading about the “why” here)


Saturday, February 23, 2013


$38 (U.S.)

How to register?

Easy peasy. Click over to the CLASSES pages.


#38Write is a writing adventure workshop designed specifically for place-passionate, culturally curious writers that will get you out of your house—no matter where you live—and into your environs.

In June, I launched the first #38Write online writing adventure with #38Write | Description.

In July, I continued with #38Write | Structure, which went forth with 16 writers in 9 countries. One of the assignments for that workshop was to define culture without using a dictionary, thesaurus, or other reference tool. It sparked some pretty spectacular definitions (read them here) and a lively conversation on Twitter.

In September’s #38Write, writers wrote about square peg, round hole situations. Read a few examples here.

#38Write has been growing ever since. In January 2013, we had 17 writers in 9 countries.


  • Each writing adventure is 38 hours long. It’s a manageable amount of time that fits into anyone’s busy schedule. (Good gracious, no, you will not be writing or adventuring for 38 hours straight. I’m ambitious for you, but not crazy. You will need approximately 2-4 hours to work during the 38-hour period…give or take an hour.)


  • Each writing adventure will focus on one particular aspect of culture, craft, or the writing life. You will not be writing an entire essay or short story (but you might accidentally do so). Some adventures will focus on a skill, like writing kick-butt descriptions; others might get you to look at what inspires you or how you move from idea to writing; all will encourage you to engage with and explore the culture in which you’re living.


  • During each 38-hour period, you’ll be able to connect with me and #38Write writers around the world via a Twitter hashtag. (How cool is that?!)



  • You will get feedback from me. (For more info about me, click here.)


  • You have the option to participate in peer critiques.


  • Terrific for folks writing fiction, essays, memoir, or poetry.


  • Beginners and experienced writers are welcome and encouraged to join. There are some of each (and everything in between) in every workshop.


  • It’s affordable. A single #38Write writing adventure costs only $38 (U.S.).


Growing and developing my global niche is a big part of who I am. My own global niche starts at home. I’m from the U.S. My husband is from Ireland. Our daughter is from Vietnam. And we began as a family while living in Shanghai, China. While living, writing, and teaching writing in the U.S. and Shanghai, I learned (and/or relearned) a number of things:

    1. Each of us has a heck of a lot to learn from folks in other countries (and not usually the things we think we need to learn).
    2. Story is an international conversation that can help us better understand one another.
    3. By helping writers from all over the world to improve their craft, I can play a wee role in facilitating this global conversation.
    4. Writing is recursive. You must practice. (And if I do say so myself, I’m pretty darn good at getting writers to practice.)


#38Write adventures are designed for all place-passionate writers, including expats and repats, globetrotters, armchair travelers, nomads, cultural spelunkers, deeply rooted souls, mapmakers and mapbreakers, wanderers and wayfarers, voyagers, and all writers interested in exploring and writing about their environs.

Heart_MorgueFileFreeSo, yup, if you’re asking, #38Write is probably for you.

To learn more and sign up for #38Write | CRUSH, visit CLASSES.