Adding & Subtracting

Abacus_MorgueFileFreeA bit of wisdom (Lao Tzu’s, not mine) on this fine Monday morning:


“‘To attain knowledge, add things every day.

To attain wisdom, subtract things every day,’ it said,

capsulizing teachings of Lao Tzu.

‘Profit comes from what is there,

usefulness from what is not there.'”

from “The Art of Adding By Taking Away,” by Matthew E. May, NYT, Jan. 19, 2013


(Thanks to Anastasia Ashman for sharing this article with me!)

2 Responses to Adding & Subtracting

  1. I love this article! I’ve spent January subtracting: simplifying my days by letting go of all the typical should’s with which I bog myself down. Instead I’m trying to listen to my heart. It’s leading me to some great subtractions, from cluttered closets to to-do lists. But there are a few things that my heart is telling me to subtract that my ego isn’t quite ready to let go of. Yet. But I’ll get there.

    I’m pulled to empty my vessel so something new can fill it.