Making Time for “Maker Mode”

Back in July, I read Jonathan Field‘s post about heading into “maker mode,” a period of time during which he retreated from almost-constant contact with his followers in order to refuel and create new stuff & ideas. As he says here:

“I’ll have certain modest windows predefined for connecting and managing. The vast majority of my time, though, will be sacredly set aside for study, synthesis and creation. I’ll also be shifting my maker, manager and slacker blocks of time to best coincide with the natural rhythms that support each type of activity (more on this in an upcoming post).

“Time to make a more serious commitment to people and activities that not only make me smile, but also support my ability to bring my best to the world. To do more great work.”

As we head into mid-December and hurtle toward the holidays, I’m going to follow Jonathan Field’s example. For the next month or so, this blog will be pretty quiet. I’m going into maker mode.


For the past six months, I’ve been scrambling. I know, I know, we all scramble, especially those of us who are deeply passionate about something (for me, writing, helping others become better writers, exploring writerhead, etc.). But I’m scrambling so much that my left eye has a crazy twitch that makes me look like I’m winking at everyone I speak to (a sometimes embarrassing tic, depending on who I’m talking to). Believe me, it’s an unhealthy scramble.

So I’m taking some time to prioritize, consider what’s essential, prune, and yes, yes, yes, write.

I won’t disappear completely. I’ll continue to connect on Facebook and Twitter, for sure, so talk to me. And I suspect I’ll be pinning on Pinterest about my process.

If you need an extra fix of writerhead, check out my recent guest posts. Last week I was lucky enough to guest post on Russell Ward’s terrific blog In Search of a Life Less Ordinary and a few weeks before that The Displaced Nation.

And please, stay tuned! Change is fun, and I promise, after “maker mode,” things will be a’changing.

5 Responses to Making Time for “Maker Mode”

  1. Good for you! I’ve been thinking about my goals for 2013 and a biggie involves stepping away from the computer. I will have dedicated writing time, of course. But I need to spend less time being frivolous on Facebook and Twitter and my blog. I want to take those spaces to the next level and use them for the marketing tools that they are.

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