Mojo Monday: Italian Pop Star Performs Song That’s Not Written in Any Language At All

It’s Mojo Monday, and as always, I’ve got a little something-something to lift your creative spirits, buoy you up, help you get your mojo on, and nudge (or better yet, catapult) you into writerhead.

Kelly Hevel shared this video story last week on Facebook & it speaks to me…sings to me…dances to me!

It’s a video of Italian pop star Adriano Celentano performing his 1970-something No. 1 hit in his home country (despite the fact it wasn’t performed in Italian).

As NPR explains, it “…also wasn’t performed in English.

“In fact, it wasn’t performed in any language at all.

“The song, called Prisencolinensinainciusol, was written to mimic the way English sounds to non-English speakers.

“Celentano, now 74 years old, says that he wanted to break down language barriers and inspire people to communicate more.”

Cultural spelunkers like me are gonna love this! It’s amazing. (I’m now considering giving up writing to become an Italian pop star!)

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