Writerhead: A Lesson in Serendipitous Connectivity

I define writerhead as the state of dreamy concentration and fluctuating consciousness during which a writer feels most creative, productive, and artistic. You know, those sh, sh, sh, ssssssshhhhhh, I’ve got to get this down moments when words are bubbling, popping, zinging, and swinging. The ones when the “real” world disappears behind a gauzy cloud (insert sucking sound here…sssshhhhpppttt) and the imaginative world takes on firmer lines and brighter hues.

I love this sign! And as you can see, on Sunday, August 19, I shared the gospel of writerhead with a wonderfully creative group of writers, artists, musicians, thinkers, dreamers, and gardeners at the Universalist Unitarian Church in Kennebunk, Maine. It was pretty spectacular. (In the summertime, the UU church runs a relaxed, Sunday-morning program called “Come As You Are” that features a creative speaker.)

I got this gig the way I get a lot of my speaking/teaching gigs—through a serendipitous connection. A few months ago, I presented writerhead at Pecha Kucha in Kennebunk. A woman in the audience connected with it, contacted me via email, and invited me to speak in the summer program at the church. She’s a generous, creative soul, and I’m thankful she reached out.

Over the years, I’ve learned to keep my eyes open for these often unexpected, but oh-so-welcome opportunities to connect with new audiences, learn a bit more about the world and how creativity works, and share what I know.

My advice to you?

Reach out. Give, give, give. Jump at opportunities that come your way. You never know where those opportunities will lead.

3 Responses to Writerhead: A Lesson in Serendipitous Connectivity

  1. I love when things like this happen. I recently made a similar connection, and while I have no idea where it’s going to lead, I’m thankful for the opportunity for as long as it lasts.