Introducing 38Write: A Global Writing Initiative

[Almost] every Saturday for the past year, I’ve written a blog post under the Expat Sat umbrella, in which I’ve shared info/stories/writing contests/etc. specifically for expat writers around the world. It’s been a great gig, but in recent months, I’ve acknowledged that my interest in sharing/teaching/mentoring/learning from/connecting with writers has expanded to include writers outside the specific expat experience.

Don’t get me wrong. I adore, and will always adore, working with expat writers. Because they’ve hunkered down in countries other than their own for extended periods of time, they’ve got insight into culture and self that no others will ever have, and they (you!) will continue to be a big part of my writing/teaching intention.

But I’m wildly interested in engaging with ALL intrepid, place-passionate, culturally curious, “globally unbound”* writers, whether they’re living as expats in Indonesia or exploring culture right in their own back yards, and I want to invite them (you!) into this writing experience.

And so, with a hearty smooch, I’m closing the door to Expat Sat, and from here on out, I’ll be sharing a weekly blog post each Friday centered on my new global writing initiative: 38Write.

In significant ways, 38Write reflects my own life. I’m from the United States; my husband is from Ireland; my daughter is from Vietnam; and as a family, we lived in China for nearly five years. Despite the fact that I’m once again living in the U.S., I no longer feel purely “American.” Parts of me have been scattered around the world; and in return, I’ve gathered up and now carry parts of the world within me. As a result, I’ve become an intrepid, place-passionate, culturally curious, “globally unbound”* writer, and I cherish this.

What’s to come with 38Write?

Lots of exciting stuff, including a 38Write worldwide writing adventure that I’ll be announcing next week.

Thanks for listening. Stay tuned!


*A quick nod to my virtual pals over at Global NicheAnastasia Ashman and Tara Lutman Agacayak—with whom I’ve conversed about global niche ideas over the past year or two. “Globally unbound” is their term…and one of my favorites. Check out their offerings. Wise, experienced, globally unbound women with unique perspective and great fire.)



6 Responses to Introducing 38Write: A Global Writing Initiative

  1. 38Write sounds amazing! I love begin “globally unbound” and now have a name for it! Looking forward to reading more wonderful writings from you! xx

    • Thanks, Julie! You are most definitely globally unbound…hope you decide to participate in the writing adventures to come. Right up your alley…especially with the new awesome blog.

  2. Kristen, I love the way you’ve strung these words together:

    intrepid, place-passionate, culturally curious, “globally unbound”

    Sounds so much better than saying “expat” or “former expat” or “repat.” Like you, I’ve lived here and there, have a husband from somewhere else and am now back in the U.S. — and don’t feel that any of the traditional labels make a good fit.

    As Anastasia can attest, not long ago I was puzzling about the such nomenclature on behalf of The Displaced Nation — in honor of our first anniversary, which I believe is the same date as yours for Writerhead (congrats!).

    Must be something about one-year b-days that makes us do this, but likewise I was wondering about the value of “displaced” and whether or not it could be a meme for the kind of life we’re talking about. Would love to get your views on this at some point! 🙂

    • Hey, ML, honored to have you stop by. Thanks for all the kind words, and yep, I’m right there with you on trying to figure out the “best” nomenclature for our state of being.

      Happy Birthday to The Displaced Nation, too! It’s been quite a year.

      I look forward to our future conversations!

  3. Kristin, I love how you describe parts of yourself being scattered around the world, and that you carry pieces of those places within you. I feel that way, too, only my places aren’t nearly so far-flung. But each of the half-dozen U.S. locales I’ve called home left me “place-passionate” (great phrase) and “culturally curious” (ditto) about how they shaped who I am and how I got here. I can only imagine the impact of living in more far-flung places! I can’t wait to hear more about 38Write.

    • Yes, Julie, this is exactly why I’ve broadened my vision! Because so many writers are place-passionate and culturally curious…no matter how near or far they’ve traveled from home. I’m looking forward to learning more about the places that helped to shape who you are.