Writerhead Wednesday: Can You Make Writerhead Happen?

Usually on Wednesdays, this: Welcome to Writerhead Wednesday, a weekly feature in which a brilliant, charming, remarkable author talks about her/his writerhead…a precious opportunity for looky-loos around the world to sneak into the creative noggins of talented writers and (ever so gently) muck about.

But today…

In May, at the Pennwriters Conference in Lancaster, PA, I’m leading my first Writerhead workshop (whoop! whoop!), and one of the questions I know that I’m going to get is, “Can I put myself in writerhead?”

Absolutely, I’ll say.

Doing so is like allowing yourself to float on your back in a lake or the ocean after treading water or swimming freestyle or playing a crazy-arse game of Marco Polo (which you won, by the way). Stretch out long. Still the limbs. Stare up at the blue/gray/cloudy/sunny/stormy sky. Pretend you are a starfish. Pretend you are a star. Allow the water to buoy you up. Breathe.

Ta da.




Image: thephotoholic / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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