Writerhead: You Had Me At “Ocular Lavage”

Today begins “Writerhead,” an ongoing series in which I post about various things that send me into writerhead. No set days. Just whenever wondrous writerhead hits. Please share your writerhead moments, too!

Late last week, a lecture from my eye doctor punted me into writerhead. There I was, discovering (finally!) that my eye problems were not a figment of my imagination but a result of “corneal infiltrates,” when the good doc began describing my treatment regimen and used the term ocular lavage.

Ocular lavage.

What a glorious term!

Ocular lavage. (say it with me!)

It’s lovely, isn’t it? Smooth on the tongue. Strangely sensuous.

As the good doc continued to describe my treatment, I disappeared into writerhead…penning a poem about eyes and seeing and long “ellllllll” sounds.

And then suddenly, I dipped even deeper and realized something about a character’s ability (or perhaps inability) to see in the novel I’m working on.

Ocular lavage. That’s what did it.

Of course, I had to get the doc to repeat most of his advice, but it was worth it. The writerhead moments were divine.

(Don’t worry…my eyes are on the mend. I’m “lavaging” regularly, as instructed.)


Image: Photography by BJWOK / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

4 Responses to Writerhead: You Had Me At “Ocular Lavage”

  1. Great post ! So true. What will spark the idea ? The weirdest situations. A few words. One image. And you have your Eureka ! Like Archimedes jumping out his bathtub and running to the street naked… 🙂