Expat Sat: Where Do You Write?

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Back in Shanghai, I often wrote on the second floor of Jamaica Blue, a coffee shop on Wulumuqi Road. It had god-awful muffins that sometimes were only partially cooked, but the really nice guy behind the counter would make me iced tea (even though it wasn’t on the menu) and the second floor had great mojo.

I could hunker down there for hours, deep in writerhead.

How about you, writers? Where do you write?



Image: jscreationzs / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

2 Responses to Expat Sat: Where Do You Write?

  1. Hi Kristin,
    As of late I’ve been writing almost always at home though I feel like I need to find a new writing haunt. Recently went to Housing Works Bookstore recently and feel like that might be a good place. Any NYC-based writerheads have suggestions?

    • Hey Christa…I’ve been writing at home a lot too since returning from China. Getting to a coffee shop or other spot isn’t as convenient here as it was in Shanghai…but lately I’ve been feeling the need to get out and write in a public spot again. Strangely, I have an urge to write in the small restaurants in local hotels…I like the feel of the comings & goings there…the potential for travel & stories about travel…the suitcases packed up and heading somewhere.

      Keep me posted on if the Housing Works Bookstore does it for you.