Mojo Monday: Is Your Desk an Inspirational Space?

It’s Mojo Monday, and as always, I’ve got a little something-something to lift your creative spirits, buoy you up, help you get your mojo on, and nudge (or better yet, catapult) you into writerhead.

Writers, how do you keep your desk? Messy? Neat? Empty? Full of stuff?

Does it inspire you? Help you get into writerhead?

Should it?

Desk – Music and Sound Design from Aaron Trinder Film:Motion:Music on Vimeo.


5 Responses to Mojo Monday: Is Your Desk an Inspirational Space?

  1. My writing desk is the bane of my existence. I use an old type writer table, but there’s no room to spread out. I want a real desk with drawers and space for my laptop and space to write/create by hand. If I want to use the space for something other than typing, I have to move the computer. I work much better at the library when I can have a whole table to myself and am able to spread out.

    • Ah, Brianna, we have the same longing for a working desk. I’ve got a pretty but dysfunctional desk that I’ve grown to despise. Anything I put in its single drawer is destined to be there forever because I can no longer open it.

      In my fantasy of fantasies, I have a farmer’s table (maybe two) and a room big enough to house them. 🙂

  2. I especially enjoyed this clip. My last home was much smaller than this one. I was never able to define an area that was “mine”. My desk was in our living room and visible when one walked in the front door. Plus, it’s too small to actually work at. I tended to take over the kitchen counter—–HATED the clutter!

    This week, I am setting up our office at our new home. Part of the reason we picked this home was me realizing over the last 9 mos. or so that I NEED A SPACE I CAN CALL MINE & it must be very close to the kitchen.

    As I set up our office & my desk, I will declutter what’s built up in our new SC kitchen (again) due to not having “my space” in the office set-up as of yet. I’ve learned that I’m very visually oriented…..i.e. “out of sight, out of mind” so I tend to spread things out (too much!) so I don’t forget about them. But I really just get too much going. Once it’s too cluttered, peace of mind diminishes. I “should” have enough room here to create an inspirational area.

    The idea of several large farm tables appeals to me. :o)