Mojo Monday: The Intro to End All Intros

It’s Mojo Monday, and as always, I’ve got a little something-something to lift your creative spirits, buoy you up, help you get your mojo on, and nudge (or better yet, catapult) you into writerhead.

I’ve been thinking about introductions.

Author introductions.

The hushed air of respect (and in some cases, reverence) that wafts and drifts through an author reading as the book store manager or the director of the cultural center says, “And now here’s ______, author of ___________.”

And it’s good.

Of course it’s good.

Getting introduced for a book you wrote = always G-O-O-D.

But man…how f’ing good must it feel to be introduced like this? Even just once in a lifetime.


All that energy.

All that love.


All that YOU KICK ASS.

How f’in good?



Q4U: What’s the best author intro you’ve ever seen?


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6 Responses to Mojo Monday: The Intro to End All Intros

  1. How about no intro at all? I was recently at a lovely bookstore to do a reading, and kept waiting for someone from the staff to come over to the reading space and get things started. Eventually, I wandered over to the cashier and asked about it. “Oh, we just kind of let the writers do it themselves,” she said.

    Way to host a writer and show patrons their respect for what we do….

  2. I had this happen to me too and I was floored. (The ‘no intro’ part, not the Bruce intro though that would definitely floor me too!) I mean the very nice man did make a few store-related announcements then say: “Okay, so here’s Robin Black reading from her book” but I don’t think that counts for much. It’s hard because I am so grateful to bookstores for all they do, but then I thought maybe just a few more words. . . even the title of my book. . . The best intros I’ve seen are all by people who truly love the book and the author they’re introducing. You just can’t fake the kind of excitement that goes along with a real fan getting to talk about a book she loved.

  3. You, too, Robin? Geesh. And not even the title of the book. How can someone work in a bookstore and not give a passionate introduction for an author?! (No need to answer that…I know the answer.)

    And you’re so right. The best intros are given by folks who are crazy about a book. Folks who haven’t stopped talking about the book since they cracked the spine. That’s special.

    Just like Bruce’s intro of Clarence. It’s so heartfelt and genuine. It makes me want to introduce all the authors I love. I just might host a night of introductions.

  4. The best intros I’ve ever heard were at the New York State Summer Writers Institute. Robert Boyers, the director, turned the introduction itself into an art form. In fact, I looked forward to what he had to say about the writer almost as much as to the reading itself. (And a book of his introductions has actually been published.)