Writerhead Wednesday: Summer Contest!

Welcome to Writerhead Wednesday, a weekly feature in which a brilliant, charming, remarkable author answers three questions about her/his writerhead…a precious opportunity for looky-loos around the world to sneak into the creative noggins of talented writers and (ever so gently) muck about.

Today I’m giving away a $25 Visa gift card…with the hope,  intention, and understanding that the lucky winner will use it to buy necessary writer-related stuff—books, pens, paper, a shiny new stapler, one-third (one-fourth?) of a much-needed therapy session, a cheap thumb drive, business cards, a couple of double-shot lattes, a few hours of babysitting time, a bottle of Jack, etc.

What do you have to do to win?

Easy peasy.

Just answer this writerhead question in the comment section:

Using a simile or metaphor, compare your writerhead to something. (For example, “For me, writerhead is like chomping into a habanero pepper” or “When I’m in writerhead, I feel like I’m floating down a peaceful river, until I plunge headfirst over the falls.”) You can also take a look at the writerhead authors, like Jael McHenry or Eugenia Kim or Lisa Brackmann.

If you’re new to this site (welcome!) or need a refresher course on what exactly writerhead is, keep reading:

Writerhead is “a (usually) temporary state of dreamy concentration and fluctuating consciousness during which a writer is most creative, productive, and artistic.”

You know…the purest moments of creation. Those beautiful (sometimes excruciating) sh, sh, sh, ssssssshhhhhh, I’ve got to get this down moments when words are bubbling, popping, zinging, and swinging. The ones when the “real” world disappears behind a gauzy cloud (insert sucking sound here…) and the imaginative world takes on firmer lines and brighter hues.

Some writers call it “the flow” or “the zone.” Some call it “hell.” Others refer to it as “writerland.” I’ve always called it writerhead.

“Sshshh,” I say to my husband if he tries to talk to me in the morning before I hunker down to write. “I’m in writerhead!”


Got your answer?


Post it in the comment section below…and please make sure to either leave your email address or check back later in the week to see if you’ve won.

Good luck!



*To enter the giveaway contest, answer the question (above) in the comment section. Easy peasy.

**Comments must be posted before the clock strikes midnight on June 30, 2011. (That’s Eastern Standard Time U.S.)

***This contest is open internationally.

****A winner will be drawn on Thursday, June 30. Be sure to check back to see who wins.

*****The winner will be drawn randomly by the highly scientific method of my 3yo pulling a name out of a hat (or some other convenient container).

******Though I welcome all charming comments, only one comment per person will be counted in the contest.


9 Responses to Writerhead Wednesday: Summer Contest!

  1. Writerhead is floating downstream, the sun is shining, the breeze is cool, and everything is easy (especially since the invention of spellcheck).

    Get on the page and float. It’s intoxicating, it’s beautiful, and it’s always the right place to be.

    Pick up a pen or grab your laptop and go on the ride with me.

  2. Writerhead is that moment when the blobs of abstract art snap into a focus as the word JESUS.

    Writerhead is the warm pulse I gently massage into my creations, the instant they cross the line from being thoroughly life-like pre-programmed robots and become alive.

    Writerhead is me wanting to rage and weep as someone interrupts me, shattering the perfect moment of creation.

    Writerhead is a tangled knot of insoluble plotsnarl, and that same knot gently melting apart into a smooth tapestry… once I find the right thread to snip.

  3. Writerhead for me is like standing in the middle of Grand Central Station at rush hour. Characters are coming at me from every direction and I get dizzy trying to study the faces and actions of every passerby. My ears strain listening to conversations. My fingers type furiously trying to capture it all (hopefully it will all make sense after some editing).

  4. I enter the revolving door expecting to turn 180 degrees and exit. But instead, I stop halfway. I am five-years-old. People in work clothes are waiting for me to release the door, but I am still five, and a million dreams are with me. My boss (odd, she doesn’t work in this building) is haranguing me from outside the glass. Something about the community report and deadlines and executive approval. But I am still five, so I run away with the million dreams inside my head, my small foot still holding the revolving door in its place.

  5. Writerhead is like wearing a cozy, fluffy robe. Enveloped in warmth and comfort, settling into an overstuffed chair. A cup of coffee nearby, laptop on lap and inspiring music to gently drown out the background noise of every day life.

  6. Thanks, everyone, for such great writerhead comments…loved reading them all. I’m pleased to announce that Tony is the winner. Whoo-hoo!

    There will be more such contests in the future so stick around.

    Happy 4th of July!