Misc Monday: I’d Go The Whole Wide World

Welcome to Misc Monday…the day of the week when I share something…something fun…something inspirational…something profound…something inventive, genius, soul-stirring, life-changing. Something.

I love the movie “Stranger Than Fiction.” A weird, innovative tale about many things: storytelling, taking risks, narration, being stuck, and more. But at the core, it’s about a taxman Harold Crick (Will Ferrell) who discovers something he really, truly wants…Ana Pascal (Maggie Gyllenhaal).

My favorite scene is when Harold Crick sings “I’d Go the Whole Wide World” while strumming a guitar and Miss Pascal falls for him/on top of him/in love with him.

In that moment, there is a clarity of desire. Sure, there’s the physical desire unfolding…but it’s deeper than that. There’s a seeking and a finding of self in this moment.



Q4U: What do you want? What will you go the whole, wide world for? As a writer? A human?


9 Responses to Misc Monday: I’d Go The Whole Wide World

  1. As a writer, I simply want enough…enough to make it full time doing what I love. I don’t want riches or fame–I want enough to not have to work another job on top of writing to ensure that my wife and I are secure and can have some fun along the way.

    I could also go the whole wide world in search of the best falafel and red curry.

    • Hey Christopher…great things to go the whole wide world for! It’s a strong statement…”make it full time doing what I love.” Hope that comes to you. (I might opt for yellow curry. 🙂

  2. As a writer, I am searching for recognition. Not necessarily fame – I don’t really want that all – but for someone to say, this girl has talent. Lets see what she can do for us. And by someone I mean someone other than my family or my best friend.

    As a human, I am in search of love and kitchen full of Mexican food and ice cream.

  3. What would I go the whole world for …. I feel like I should say whirled peas or the end of hunger but the truth is much simpler really. I’d go the whole world for just believing in the life I already have. My life is actually really wonderful. Just what I want, just what I need. It’s not my life that needs to change, it’s my inability to trust in that, to let it be what it is and not keep thinking there’s something else I should be doing. So that’s what I’d go the whole worldfor – trust and belief in my life. And, I suppose, that means in myself as well.

    • Wow, Shea…trusting your own life is THE thing to go the whole, wide world for, isn’t it? If I could, I’d walk with you…take your hand and stay right by your side because I know from experience that can be one long walk over all kinds of terrain. But since that is always a one-woman journey, I’ll keep sending you good thoughts with hopes that you land precisely in your own life…trusting and whole.

      (Thanks for making me chuckle…whirled peas.)

  4. As a writer, I want to finish my story and find another one. As a human, I want an adventure filled life for my son (and of course, mom wants to be along for the adventures). And, now that you’ve mentioned it, I need to watch Stranger than Fiction again.

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